Lemon Essential Oil

  • Organic LEMON  'the citrus cure-all'. A brilliant, fresh, sharp and sweet scent.

    Latin Name Citrus limonum
    Family Rutaceae
    Farming Method Certified Organic
    Extraction Method Cold pressed expression
    Plant Part Peel
    Country of Origin Italy
  • Used To Help


    CLEAR: congested, oily hair and skin, acne, warts

    FIGHT: respiratory infections: colds and flu, sore throat, congestion, coughs and bronchitis

    CALM: digestive upset, heartburn

    STIMULATE: the immune system, sluggish digestion and circulation

    DECREASE: hypertension, symptoms of arthritis and rheumatism and asthma

    ELEVATE: mood and the ability to concentrate

    TREAT: fever and spider veins

    SANITIZE:  a great antiseptic cleaning agent to kill germs

    Methods of Use:

    Diffuse: add 4-10 drops to 100 mls (3-4 oz) water in your diffuser or to a pot of boiled water once removed from heat source.

    Steam Inhalation: add up to 3 drops to a pot of hot water once removed from heat and with eyes closed, breathe in the steam. Cover your head and pot with a towel to contain steam for a more intense inhalation. Good for respiratory infections and skin care

    Bath: add 5 drops first to a Tablespoon of milk or honey, then to a full tub of water

    Shower: add 5 drops to an empty tub before getting into the shower

    Skin Application-must be well diluted to no more than 2% in carrier oil, unscented cream or lotion for massage or applying to skin. Dilute further to 0.5%-1% if applying to the face. See the  blending chart on our 'How to Use' page.

    Blends well with

    Eucalyptus, Fennel, other Citrus oils, such as Lime, Tea Tree, herb oils such as Rosemary, Neroli, and Ylang-Ylang

    Fragrance note



    Limonene, terpinene, pinenes, sabinene, myrcene, citral, linalool, geraniol, octanol, nonanol, citronellal, bergamotene.

    Safety Information:

    Lemon essential oil is generally mild and well tolerated but can cause skin sensitivity in some individuals. Lemon essential oil is known to make the skin photosensitive. This means it will attract and increase the effects of sunlight and UV rays on the skin, possibly causing pigmentation. This includes natural as well as simulated sunlight, such as that used at tanning salons. If applying  citrus essential oils, such as Lemon, to the skin, use well diluted and do not expose skin to the sun for 24 hrs. following application.

    Citrus essential oils such as Lemon have a short shelf-life and should be used within 6 months.

    Please  Please read our, 'How to Use' page, for important information before using Essential

  • Organic LEMON  'the citrus cure-all'. A brilliant, fresh, sharp and sweet scent.

    100% PURE LEMON ESSENTIAL OIL, Lemon Essential oil is one of the top essential oils to have in your aromatherapy kit due to its many beneficial properties. It has a fresh and clean scent reminiscent of sliced lemons. Its Latin name is Citrus limonum and it’s classified in the Rutaceae family.


    The yellow lemons grow on a tall evergreen tree that can grow up to twenty feet tall. The oil is extracted by cold pressing the lemon peel. It can take almost seventy-five lemons to press enough oil from the lemon peel to make one small 15 ml bottle of lemon essential oil. It’s believed that the lemon tree originally grew in what is now called China and the northeastern India regions. Lemons were brought to Europe in the 1500s. Lemon essential oil has been used to treat health conditions for at least the past 1000 years.


    Today, lemons are grown in many regions around the world, including Florida, California, and Italy. Italy is one of the more popular locations for growing the trees and creating lemon essential oil for the market. Lemon essential oil contains a high concentration of limonene, a compound found in citrus fruits. Besides its strong but pleasant citrus smell, it has many therapeutic uses in aromatherapy and healthcare.


    The lemon essential oil has a fresh scent that can be used to clear a room of bad smells, such as smoke, garbage, or unpleasant bathroom smells. It has natural antiseptic properties which can be directly applied to surfaces to sterilize them safely, without using harmful store-bought cleansers. It may also be used in aromatherapy for people who have bad colds or flus, to help sterilize the air in a room. When mixed with a carrier oil, it can be directly applied to the skin. It’s effective in treating acne, fungal infections, and minor cuts.


    Lemon essential oil has a wide range of uses in cooking, beauty, and health care. It can be used in any recipe calling for lemon juice or lemon zest, and will add a fresh lemony flavour to any dish. It can be used directly from the bottle.Lemon essential oil can also be poured into a diffuser bottle and will freshly scent a room, being particularly useful near kitchen bins or in the bathroom. Lemon essential oil works well when mixed with other essential oils, such as basil, ginger, and rosemary. If you’re making up a recipe for essential oil, ensure you store it in a glass bottle, as it can erode through plastic. Before using your lemon essential oil to heal skin conditions, you must mix it with a carrier oil such as almond, jojoba, or coconut oil. If you’re using it to clean surfaces, you may mix a few drops with about half a cup of water first. Store your lemon essential oil bottle in a dark cupboard away from heat and light.


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