Eucalyptus Essential Oil

  • Organic EUCALYPTUS, “Australia's Natural Wonder”. A refreshing, cool, camphorous scent, stimulating to the mind and to the senses

     Latin Name Eucalyptus radiata
    Family Myrtaceae
    Farming Method Certified Organic
    Extraction Method Steam distillation
    Plant Part Leaves
    Country of Origin South Africa
  • Used To


    CLEANSE both body and environment. Antiseptic. An excellent germ killer. Effective in helping treat bacterial and viral infections

    STIMULATE the immune response

    STRENGTHEN the resolve of the body and mind to fight and recover from illness

    IMPROVE respiratory circulation

    REDUCE pain and inflammation

    PROTECT systems of the body with its antioxidant properties

    INCREASE concentration and focus

    DETER insects from invading your space

    Some Methods of Use include:

    Diffuse: 3-10 drops/100mls (3-4 oz) water in your diffuser, or, in a pot of hot water once removed from heat source, to purify the air around you and to promote quality respiration

    Steam Inhalation: no more than 2-3 drops in a pot of boiled water that has been removed from the heat and with closed eyes, inhale the steam for 1-2 min. For a more intense experience, make a tent over your head and the pot with a towel to keep the steam contained. Great for colds, flu, sinusitis, bronchitis and sore throat.

    Please note that steam inhalation may be contraindicated for Asthmatics as steam may trigger an asthma attack. Instead, place 1-2 drops on a cotton ball and inhale as needed. Keep the cotton ball in a small, sealed (preferably glass) container to prolong its effectiveness.

    Bath/Shower: 6-8 drops blended into 1 Tablespoon (15mls) honey, or milk, then into a full tub of water. Soak for 20 min.

    Up to 4 drops mixed into a Tablespoon (15 mls) of shower gel

    Topical application: must be diluted. Blend up to 7 drops into 1 Tablespoon carrier oil, cream, or lotion prior to skin application or massage. Reduce percentage in blend by half for sensitive skin and to 0.5%-1% for use on the face.

    Useful for headaches, muscle aches and pains, chest congestion, inflammation, neuralgia and arthritis

    Please see our 'How to Use' page for important information before using Essential Oils and for further details including measuring chart.

    Blends well with

    tree oils, particularly evergreens, lemon, lavender, marjoram, rosemary and peppermint

    Fragrance note



    Pinene, 1.8 -cineole, limonene, p-cymene.

    Safety Information:

    There are many varieties of Eucalyptus essential oil. Eucalyptus radiata is the preferred choice for use with children as it is slightly milder, yet very effective for the conditions listed above. For children over 5 yrs. use at 0.5 – 1%, (at half or less, the strength recommended for adult use). Do not apply to skin of children under 5 yrs. Diffusion is a better choice for very youngchildren.

    Eucalyptus must be well diluted to be used for use on skin or it may cause irritation. Please follow guidelines for amounts. Eucalyptus is a very effective essential oil and can help with a wide variety of conditions and is usually very well tolerated on the skin when diluted properly. However it is poisonous if ingested and can be fatal if taken by mouth.

    NEVER take Eucalyptus Essential Oil internally.

    Please read our 'How to Use' page for important information before using Essential Oils and for more detailed instructions.

  • 100% PURE EUCALYPTUS OIL, There are a lot of benefits that could be derived from eucalyptus oil. Such beneficial properties include antiseptic, antibacterial, stimulating, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, decongestant, deodorant and many other useful qualities. Besides being colorless, the eucalyptus oil has a peculiar taste and odor.

    In spite the volatility of eucalyptus oil, it is not widely used in the process of aromatherapy because compared to the other staple oil used in aromatherapy, very little is known about eucalyptus essential oil. The various health benefits that can be derived from eucalyptus essential oil has made it popular in recent times. A lot of research is being made to establish its usefulness in aromatherapy as well as modern medicine.The Eucalyptus essential oil is made from fresh leaves obtained from the evergreen eucalyptus tree. The botanical made of eucalyptus is Eucalyptus globulus. In other parts of the world, natives refer to the plant as fever tree, blue gum tree or stringy bark tree.The Eucalyptus plant can be traced to Australia from where is spread to other continents of the world. Although a lot of countries do produce eucalyptus essential oil, the major producer of eucalyptus oil is Australia. The active component of eucalyptus essential oil is the chemical compound eucalyptol. It has found wide applications in conventional drugs such as rubs, inhalers, rash cream, liniments, and mouthwash.

    Health Benefits Of Eucalyptus Oil

    Below are some of the health benefits of eucalyptus oil:

    Wounds: The antiseptic properties of eucalyptus essential oil make it useful in the treatment of wounds. When the oil is exposed to the air, it produces a very potent antiseptic called ozone. This germicidal property makes the eucalyptus essential oil useful in the treatment of wounds, burn, cuts, ulcers, sores and abrasion. It also effective as a salve applied on strings and bites from insects. It performs the dual action of soothing the wound and preventing the affected area from infection.

    Respiratory problems: The Eucalyptus oil has been proven to be effective in the treatment of respiratory symptoms and diseases such as colds, sore throat, running nose, asthma, nasal congestion, sinusitis, and bronchitis. The usefulness in easing respiratory problems is an attribution of its properties such as anti-inflammatory, decongestant, antibacterial, antifungal, antimicrobial, and antiviral. It is a useful component in the making of respiratory disease related medicament. Research has proven that it is effective in the treatment of non-bacterial sinusitis; such patients showed rapid improvement when treated with medicine containing eucalyptus oil. Gaggles of eucalyptus and warm water have been applied in the treatment of sore-throat in different parts of the world.

    Eucalyptus essential oil is one of the proven ways to treat asthma which affects millions of people all over the world. When a couple of drops of the oil is applied to the chest, the aromatic vapor calms down the throat, clears the chest and dilates the blood vessels. This allows oxygen to move freely inside the lungs to achieve normal breathing. The efficacy in providing relieve to asthmatic symptoms is partly an attribute of its anti-inflammatory properties.

    Mental Stress: The cool and relaxing effect of the eucalyptus oil is one of the reasons why it is widely used in this regard. Certain types of diseases and disorders make people become sluggish. As a stimulant, the eucalyptus oil eradicates mental exhaustion and sluggishness by reviving the sick person. It is also effective in the management of stress and some type of mental disorder.

    Apart from mental stress, it is commonly used to stimulate mental activity because it increases the blood flow to the brain. The oil has vasodilating properties, it facilitates an increase in blood flow around the body by relaxing the blood vessels to allow free flow of blood. There is an increase in mental power when more blood reaches the brain; it is widely used as a form of mental enhancing aromatherapy to enhance student performance. Although, more research is needed in this area, but data presently available shows a connection between eucalyptus essential oil and increase in mental performance.

    Muscle pain: A massage of eucalyptus oil on the joints and muscles does offer relief to joints and muscle pain. The anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties make the oil useful in this respect. It is used in providing relief for patients that suffer from sprained ligaments and tendons, stiff muscles, aches, rheumatism, lumbago, and fibrosis. The treatment procedure entails that the oil is massaged in a circular motion on the affected parts of the body.

    Dental Care: The eucalyptus essential oil is widely used in the prevention and treatment of cavities, dental plague, gingivitis and other dental infections. The efficacy of the oil in treatments of dental conditions is an attribute of the germicidal properties. As a result, it is often used as an active ingredient in mouthwash, toothpaste, and other dental care products.

    Lice treatment: As an insect repellent, the essential oil of eucalyptus is used as a natural pesticide. Therefore, it has a wide application in the treatment of lice. Unlike other conventional lice treatment are made of synthetic chemicals that cause irritation and damage to the hair, the eucalyptus essential oil is effective in the treatment of lice infestation and also gentle on the body.

    Gastro-intestinal germs: Essential oil obtained from eucalyptus has proven to be an effective anthelmintic medicine. It is often used in the removal of germs and parasites from the intestines. Research has shown that the ingestion of eucalyptus essential oil does inhibit bacterial and microbial and parasitic conditions in diverse parts of the body, especially in the colon and intestines.

    Skin Care: Eucalyptus essential oils is widely used to treat infections on the surface of the skin.

    Diabetes: When this essential oil is taken orally, it helps in the control of blood sugar. As a vasodilator, it increases the flow of blood to different parts of the body. This solves an inherent problem of lack of good blood circulation in diabetic patients. When a certain part of the body is starved of blood, it can lead to amputation or death. Therefore, it is a good practice to massage the skin with eucalyptus oil and also inhale some of the vapor to increase dilation blood vessels and consequently, blood flow. The best practice is to massage the oil on the skin after taking a shower which also aids vasodilation and relaxation which is beneficial to people suffering from diabetes.

    Fever: Eucalyptus is referred to as fever oil in some parts of the world because it is widely used in the treatment of fever and reduction of body temperature. The best way to apply the oil in the treatment of fever is to mix with peppermint oil and spray over the body as a deodorant that effectively reduces the body temperature.

    More benefits that can be derived from eucalyptus oil includes: Air Freshener: The deodorizing and antiseptic properties of eucalyptus oil makes it a great air freshener in hospitals and other public places. It destroys airborne bacteria and germs thereby making the environment clean and sterilized.

    Soapmaking: The oil of eucalyptus is used in the making of soap, detergents and other liquid cleaners used within the household. Its efficacy as a cleaning agent is keenly connected to its usefulness as an antibacterial, antiseptic, antimicrobial and deodorizing agent.

    Tuberculosis and Pneumonia: As earlier mentioned, the Eucalyptus essential oil has a lot of antibacterial and antiseptic properties. When this oil is massaged on the chest, the vapor that is inhaled does clear the lungs and diminish inflammation thereby relieving signs and symptom of disease conditions such as tuberculosis. It works best when applied to the areas of the lungs on the chest and back.


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