Internal Use of Essential Oils

At HopeWind Health, we do NOT recommend ingesting Essential Oils, (taking Essential Oils by mouth), and there are many reasons for this stance. 

The safest ways to use Essential Oils include absorption to the body by way of the respiratory system, or, inhaling them and application to the surface of the skin. The most effective way for the body to obtain the benefits of Essential Oil use, is a combination of both these methods. Details on practical application regarding each, are found on our, 'How to Use' page on this site. Please read this important information before starting to use Essential Oils. 

Essential Oils are highly concentrated substances which is why very little goes such a long way. Though they are pure in that they are extracted from plants, due to their chemistry and strength of concentration, Essential Oils can easily irritate or damage mucous membranes, delicate internal surfaces, the digestive tract, lining of the mouth, esophagus and stomach, which can get worse with long term or repeated use.

Ingesting Essential Oils can disrupt the internal flora, or normal bacteria in our stomach that is necessary for proper function and healthy digestion. 

Essential Oils are not water soluble, meaning that they don't dissolve in water so adding drops to a drink, doesn't dilute the oils at all and they can therefore cause damage internally, just as undiluted Essential Oils can cause irritation when applied to the skin.

Ingesting Essential Oils would require amounts greater than are necessary for either vaporizing or skin application. So in order to get the desired results, you would need to eat/drink more Essential Oils than would be used in massage for example, because through the digestive process, and break down by the liver, some of their benefits would be lost.

In terms of both safety and efficiency, it is best to use Essential Oils by absorption through the varied methods for inhalation and skin application, using less product to achieve the results we are striving for.

Be safe and enjoy the scents and sense of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy in your life.

Be Healthy, Be Happy

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