Our Philosophy and the HopeWind Difference

Welcome to HopeWind Health,

Where our PASSION is pure, natural, organic wellness.

HopeWind Health is a company born from a love of natural health and healing.  We've been evolving for 20 years, learning, growing and adapting.  We keep things simple, make great products and through cyberspace, meet clients like yourself, wherever you are, to deliver natural healing solutions directly into your hands.

At HopeWind Health, all our Essential Oils are therapeutic quality, 100% pure and unadulterated. Each individual Essential Oil we use in our HopeWind Health products is:



Where our FOCUS is always unsurpassed quality

At HopeWind Health, our standards of excellence set an example and remain the minimum bar to reach beyond every day. We achieve this by...

We love what we do at HopeWind and have a good time doing it. We have great chemistry as a team and create positive energy in the workplace which is added into every product we make. We have fun with word play in naming our products as well because as serious as life can get, you mustn't lose your sense of humor. It has been known for some time that hospital patients recover more quickly with smiles and humor added to their days and besides that, it just feels good to laugh! However, we view the quality of our work and our products very seriously indeed, ensuring you receive the best in the business in every HopeWind Health product. Our staff are well educated experts in their fields, keeping current with the industry and the latest research. Our Medical Anthropology department has garnered a wealth of information having mapped human geography and traditional medicines from around the globe and our Certified Aromatherapists design and create the natural healing products our customers have come to love and trust, returning time and again to replenish their reserves.

Where our GOAL is bringing the magical healing of nature to You.

Our products are easy to order, easy to use, easy to love and our pleasure to share.

HopeWind Health captures the magic of natural healing power in the most effective, pure Essential Oils available. We source each Essential Oil from either wild-crafted, or organically grown plant parts wherever possible, collected – sustainably – from all over the globe.  Our Certified Aromatherapists then design and create exceptional products by carefully combining the correct Essential Oils, at the perfect concentration, to help treat your particular concern, condition, or aspiration. 

We deliver our Synergies, and Essential Oil solutions directly into your hands, helping you optimize your well being, bringing you back into balance and back to your true self.


Where our PROMISE is your satisfaction. Guaranteed.

We love our customers. Our customers love what we do and how we do it.

We value your business as our customer at HopeWind Health and work hard to maintain positive customer relationships by offering wonderful products and great service.

We reward our customers' loyalty through our Subscription Services department, whose innovations we're confident you will value as we do.

Your feedback is always welcome. Email us anytime with your thoughts about our products and service and you'll receive an answer from us in a timely manner.

If your HopeWind Health product arrives damaged we will replace it.

If you are not satisfied with our service, HopeWind will work with you on solving the issue quickly and expeditiously.

Be Healthy, Be Happy

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